Big Mountain County play wild and dirty psych rock. The group started in Rome in 2012 as an offshoot of The Boilers, itself a new garage band that had already built a cult following in the underground circuit. As a three-man lineup, in July they recorded a number of tracks that fully fleshed out the band’s sound: between rock’n’roll and punk, melodic with an inclination for strong song structure. After touring intensively across Italy, the band expanded in January 2013, adding bassist Wolfman Bob, previously a member of The Ultra Twist and Trio Banana.

In October 2013 they released their first 7 inches completely self-produced. In November 2013 and in April/May 2014 Big Mountain County have been in tour in Eastern Europe, passing through Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia, and in Central Europe through Germany, Poland and Czech Republic, where they received a great answer form the foreign audience.

In the summer of 2014 they started the production of their first full-length “Breaking Sound”. After one month spent in Sicily to experience new sounds and new atmospheres in a house at the base of the “Etna” volcano, they recorded nine tracks at the Gas Vintage Records Studios in Rome. “Breaking Sound” was released in April 2015 followed by the “Breakings Sound European Tour 2015”, with gigs in Italy, France, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

In November 2015 the band recorded a live in Rome documented by a videoclip and their second LP “Anachronicle”, out for Area Pirata Records in April 2016.

In November 2016 BMC has release a12” split with “Lame” (Torino, Italy), out for Annibale Records (Firenze, Italy), followed by gigs in Italy, France and Belgium.

Big Mountain County are
Alessandro Montemagno – Vox and guitar
Francesco Conte – Guitar and synth
Wolfman Bob – Bass and maracas
Bruno Mirabella – Drums and drums